2016 Autumn Oxen Hill Farm CSA Program:


This generously sized biweekly pick up of cold-season roots, squash and greens will be held twice in November and twice in December. You may choose either Saturdays or Tuesdays as your pick up day. Just as in Summer CSA, if you need to switch your pick up day for a particular week, you may do so by using the online system the week in advance. An example of a November 2015 Calf share is pictured below

Autumn Share

Every two weeks, you will come to select your veggies from our market-style display with the following items as an example of one pick up of an Ox share:  7 lbs assorted Irish potatoes, 6 lbs sweet potatoes, 2 winter squash, 1 bunch carrots, 2 heads lettuce, 1 bunch kale and 2-3 more choices of turnips, chard, Brussels sprouts, and/or broccoli. A Calf share might have 3 lbs of Irish potatoes, 3 lbs of sweet potatoes, a bunch of carrots, some broccoli, some kale and/or turnips or cabbage.  We also plan to have some of our farm-made pickled items within the share.  

Click here to sign up for Autumn CSA 2016!

We are happy to accept paper checks!  Please complete the signup online using the link above,  and mail in your payment to 50 Griffin Rd, East Granby, CT 06026

Since we began in 2009, our family has chosen to follow the Community Supported Agriculture model for growth and production. Connecting local families to all of us - the farmers that grow their food - is a passionate endeavor that unites all of us around community, family, and nutrition.


If you are new to the CSA experience, then we are especially excited to educate, share, and welcome you to an entirely new way of enjoying food and connecting to the land. Welcome!    


If you are familiar to the CSA model, we invite you to explore this section of our site to learn more about how it works at Oxen Hill.



Please take a minute to watch the video below on what makes the experience at Oxen Hill Farm CSA so special: