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Request a Switch in Pick-Up Day/Location

We want you to get your food!

We are very happy to have you with us this year, and we understand that it can be a challenge to have the same schedule every week.  

When you know a week in advance that you cannot make your regular pick-up, please use this page to request a switch of your pick-up day and/or location. 

If you are running late to a pick-up, we are often able to leave out a share for you if you email or text Lisa (860 986-2284) before the end of the regular pick-up time.

Having a set location and day for people's pick up allows us to make sure that we always have enough fresh produce harvested for members and that it doesn't get overcrowded at a certain day and location. We do allow friends or neighbors to pick up in your place, and we regularly donate unclaimed shares to the local food pantry.